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The DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL is a 5 to 6-month journey to knowing God and making God known.
It’s an opportunity to discover your part in God’s purposes for our world and to discover your passions and talents. The School is a blending of classroom learning, small group activities, personal reflection, practical service, and community living.

The DTS has 2 phases: The lecture phase and an outreach phase.

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The DISCIPLESHIP BIBLE SCHOOL Is a 12-week introduction to the Bible an overview of “God’s story” and the purposes of God in it.

You will read the entire Bible, observe the chronology of biblical events, understand each book in its historical context, and be able to recognize the different genres of literature, and major themes found in these 66 Books.

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The Bible Core Course is a three-month inductive study of the Bible designed to help us explore God’s word. The Course is designed to equip us with tools for our personal bible study and for ministry.

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The SCHOOL OF BIBLICAL CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW is a 12-week course which equips you with tools to examine and appreciate God's truth in every area of life, as we seek the truth we will find our world perspectives being transformed and our lives as well.

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• Reaching out to the last, the least and the lost in our cities in practical ways.

• Working in schools with displaced students.

• Providing care and support to help improve the quality of life for our street community.

• Reaching out to the homeless, migrants and refugees in our cities

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YWAM DTS on zoom

 Bitesize DTS:

This is a 6-week seminar to get to know what a DTS is all about and grow in God. We meet once a week on a Monday morning as we have our online Zoom course with interactive small groups, worship times and teachings. Come and join us!
Language Course
Do you want to get credits for learning a language in ministry? Are you in the mission field learning a language? Do you want to earn a degree from the University of the Nations in languages? This course gives you the chance to get credits while you do ministry and interact with local languages. This course is online, and it’s a practical language learning course. Apply today and start getting credits for the hard work that you are doing. Do it by yourself or with a group.  https://www.ywamexperienceasia.com/languagecourse
YWAM Experience Asia in Malaysia

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Leadership Course September 3-23

Adventure DTS Sept 25, 2023- Feb 9 2024

Bitesize DTS Nov 6 -Dec 11 2023

March DTS March 11-July 26th 2024

Leadership Course part 2 28 August – 13 September 2023

Language Course: ongoing / do at your own pace



Testimony time: A real weight was lifted off my shoulder, and I don’t think I could ever have separated myself from all of this burden without God moving through me, the speaker, and just Him speaking to me throughout this DTS. All I can say is that God can move us, He can change us and heal us because He wants us to be with Him, to love him above all.​ - Student from YWAM Experience Asia March '23 DTS
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YWAM leadership course online and in person in Malaysia

Leadership Course

Do you want to do a leadership course with YWAM? Looking for a next step? Grow in leadership and learn about healthy and team leadership and how to become a multiplier in God’s Kingdom. We invest in our leaders. We are a thriving community in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with YWAM. This school will be 2 parts: each part is 3 weeks and the course will be in person and online. Join us!


School of Ministry Development is where students discover and develop their gifts and talents in leadership roles. The course is especially designed for new staff at YWAM centres and is adapted to the context of the language and culture of the country in which it is taught.

Some of the topics include: understanding the core values of YWAM, perspectives on missions, generational thinking, transforming cultures, personal fund-raising, worship and evangelism, personal ministry development, public speaking, spiritual authority, and conflict resolution.

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Introduction To Communication A dynamic hands-on course allowing students to gain confidence and begin to develop expertise in public communication of the Word of God in a way that is relevant with a focus on Asia. Our vision is to empower the messenger to reach their full potential as communicators by providing Bible-based mentoring in a variety of communication techniques. The students will develop in character and gifting as their lives are transformed by God in our community.

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The Asia Worldview School is all about worldviews, specifically relating to the worldview of Christians, based on the Bible. The main goal of this course is to let God renew our minds (Ro 12:1-2). Our own cultures imply many basic assumptions (that we may or may not be aware of) which need to be redeemed by the message of the Cross. By learning and living together, we discover God's truth expressed in different cultures..

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Women In Mission II is directed Reading Micro-Course. This course is designed to take two weeks. You will read in-depth on five women missionaries from the 20th & 21st centuries and write an Annotated Bibliography and be able to give your personal response to the book.

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